The Train With Talia (TWT) personal training team begins with you

If you are ready to commit and make a change in your life and become an inspiration to family, friends, and the fitness community, then personal training is for you. Personal training clients come to me with their stories of dissatisfaction and disappointment regarding their health, body image, physical appearance, and self-confidence. These are the very issues I faced prior to transforming my life through fitness which is why I empathize with each of my clients so deeply and have such a desire to see each person succeed in their own journey. My clients grow from learning about their bodies, mental health, and discipline while making healthier food choices. My training team strength trains, completes assigned cardio hours, and logs their food choices. Personal training is a process that produces positive, life-changing results over time. If you are ready to make a long-lasting change and prioritize YOU then it is time to personal train with Talia.






Strength Endurance

Class Benefits







What to Bring to Class

  • Water (Also available for purchase)
  • Towel
  • Comfortable workout wear
  • High-impact sports bra (ladies)