Have you ever raced to the school bus? Strived to get the highest grade in the class? Perhaps maybe worked overtime in order to put yourself ahead of others for that promotion?

If you have then you were competing with others for those things.

Competition sparks growth whether that be personal, physical, or mental growth. Wanting to be the best at something lights a fire inside each and every one of us that makes us want to be better and want to be the best. Competition instills in us the drive to succeed. We learned this in school, playing sports, and even in our chosen careers. No matter where you go in life there will always be competition and someone else trying to take what is yours. That is how you have to see it, that the goal which you are trying to reach belongs to you already and someone else is trying to take it from you. Your job at that point is to fight for it, with grit, accuracy, determination, and perseverance.


Competing for your personal growth means competing because there is a personal goal you have set for yourself and are working to see the strides you have made in trying to reach that goal.

Competing for your physical growth means trying to hit that PR or doing something that you thought you couldn’t do and finding that feeling of accomplishment.

Competing for your mental health means competing because it makes you feel better emotionally. Sometimes we all need a push to work out or be motivated. Competition sparks that mentally because you know others are doing it along with you so that motivation to participate fuels the desire to keep going and to stay on track with your goals.

Strive to be better than you were yesterday.


For the month of April Train With Talia is holding an in-house fitness competition so that our members may experience that feeling of competition once again. Be excited to compete and push yourself whether you are a client or a TWT member. This competition is meant to be a motivator to work hard and achieve something for yourself. The workouts are not easy, but what in life is? A few minutes of pain and sweat for the feeling of achievement is worth your time. If you haven’t had the opportunity to compete this time around, don’t worry; future TWT competitions will be held.

-Matt Petrovitch