Healthy Alternative

Have you ever checked the back of your favorite deodorant or antiperspirant? The first items listed in the ingredients are most likely zinc or aluminum. These ingredients have been linked to causing cancer (zinc: Prostate cancer & aluminum: breast cancer), researchers suggest. As our body temperature increases or we begin to feel hot, our pores enlarge. When this occurs, it allows chemicals easier access to be absorbed into our bodies.

The harmful effects of zinc and aluminum in deodorants and antiperspirants have been introduced for years now. Unfortunately, however, it has recently caught the attention of consumers. This is why you may have noticed an influx of newly designed, packaged, and marketed deodorant and antiperspirant brands on the shelves of your favorite retailers. I tried dozens of aluminum/zinc-free deodorants and antiperspirants for about one year but found none of them affective. My smell and sweat remained. In fact, I even smelled worse after using these so-called “clean” brands.

Over one year ago, I found that switching my daily deodorant routine to the application of rubbing alcohol has reduced perspiration and odor under my arms. Use a cotton applicator of your choice (E.g., cotton pad, cotton ball, cotton round, etc.) to apply the alcohol generously underneath your arms to cleanse of toxins and aid in the reduction of odor and perspiration. I have noticed the higher the alcohol percentage, the more affective it serves. I will add that results are not immediate. It took my body about one month of application once or twice each day before I found it to deliver a positive outcome. I have not used deodorant or antiperspirant since I made the switch. I also have peace of mind knowing I am reducing my chances of cancer related to these chemicals as well as not having to worry about my smell or residue on my shirts and bras.

*Note that your diet may also play a role in the odor your body emits.