How to Get Over Your Fitness Plateau

We all reach a point in our fitness journeys where we seem to be stuck at a certain weight or we may feel the results aren’t coming as fast as we would like. This is called reaching our plateau.

To reach a plateau means that we have reached a stage in which progress is halted by a lack of change in our routine. Routine is great for maintaining but not for producing change. In order to see a constant change in our bodies, we need variety in the way we work out, eat and recover.

Here are 5 ways we can get over that hump and continue to produce change.

  1. Get a Personal Trainer: Seek the knowledge from our fitness professionals with over 10 years of experience customizing personal training plans for our clients. We understand that everyone is different, and we take all of that into account when developing a plan that fits our client’s needs. We don’t allow our clients to plateau as our programs are always constantly varied in their applications.
  2. Change Up Your Workout: Don’t attack your workouts the same every time. Instead of breaking up your workout’s legs one day and chest the next, try doing compound workouts where both muscle groups are used. Workouts that attack multiple muscle groups will drive results. If you’re a casual class goer perhaps try a class you’ve never taken before. This will provide your body with a different stimulus allowing for your metabolism to respond in a much different way further driving those weight loss goals.
  3. Go Outside: Recreational fitness creates a different stimulus for our bodies that the gym can’t provide. Instead of running inside, run outside at your own tempo. Go for a hike, a bike ride, or a swim.
  4. Portion Control: There is a lot that can be said about nutrition but for now we’re going to focus on portion control, especially if we are trying to lose weight. After all, we can eat healthily but if we don’t control our portions then how healthy we eat doesn’t matter. Understanding how much we should be eating is important not just for our fitness but for our lives. This is an individualized topic and should be discussed with our personal training department.
  5. Peace of Mind: Stress can cause us to gain weight or impede us in our pursuit of fitness progression. It is important that we clear our heads of negativity and not allow it to affect our goals. Many people work out to lose weight but there are those that need it as a stress reliever. We are here for all those seeking to get away from their daily lives just to get an hour in of sweaty work. Taking Yoga or Pilates is also a good way to keep a straight mind and should be implemented into any fitness routine. A loose body allows us to maintain our fitness and continue to move forward with our goals.


Written by Matt Petrovitch