Who do you inspire? I am sure many of you feel this doesn’t apply to you, however, you’re not looking at those around you. Have children? Brothers and sisters? You may be a heavy inspiration on those around you and, you might not know it. Were you a single parent raising two children? They see your actions. Are you going for your Master’s degree with a younger brother? He sees that too. Are you a motivated fitness enthusiast who has removed all the bad food from the home? Well, you are most definitely inspiring everyone in your home, to either love you or hate you, but you are an inspiration all the same. 


Who inspires you? Don’t say no one because that is not true. We are all inspired by someone or something at some point in our lives. Hopefully, these are good things that inspire us rather than the bad. When I was young, I wanted to be Batman.  Yes.  I know unrealistic, but hey, inspiration must come from somewhere. As I grew older my inspirations shifted to more realistic ideas, like my education. You see my mother was a single mother raising two and then three boys, while also pursuing her Bachelor’s and then Master’s degrees. That was inspiring for me to make her proud by also reaching those heights in my education. But I was also an inspiration to her because as I was furthering my education, fitness became a passion for me. Eventually, a career.  She took notice and made her fitness a priority as well.


We don’t set out to be an inspiration, but becoming one is positive as it reflects on our own lives. The positivity we generate for others creates a network of essentially “good vibes”. Being able to surround yourself with like-minded people is essential in growing as an individual. 


Working in the fitness space, it is important to have these positive vibes flowing from member to member. We need to lift each other up because we are a team. When someone hits a new goal or sets a new PR it is important to show that person that what they have accomplished is great, also that it is a continuing process for our overall health and fitness success. 


Don’t set out to inspire others. Instead, work to accomplish your own goals and that self-success will reflect for others to see and learn. When they ask how you’re accomplishing your goals, tell them that it is about hard work and dedication. Nothing comes easy and everything is earned, so be great for yourself; inspire others, and create a network of success. 


Matt P.