Mindset: Life and Fitness

We all have good days and bad ones. The only difference between how we perceive what makes it a bad day is our mindset. Having a positive outlook on life enables us to approach each day as a reward. We need to take advantage of each new day and work to get better in all aspects of our lives.

No matter what happens during the course of the day, it is great that we get to have another chance to get better. Yes, there are times when things don’t go our way, we get stressed out and we eat too much, or we don’t eat enough; but how is that beneficial to our lives? It isn’t, in fact, it harms us in our pursuit of a healthier version of ourselves. That is what working out is, after all, being fit for life. To live longer, healthier lives means we succeeded in our fitness journey; and it is a never-ending pursuit.

Whether you’re a training client or a class member you need to attack the day with positivity and, in such, positive things will happen. Make an effort to work out every day in some capacity. An effort is determined by how much you invest in yourself. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, choose the apple over the chips, do the extra cardio at the end of a workout. Little choices will deliver greater results over time.

Not every day will you be up for a workout and that is understandable. We all need a break sometimes as well as time to ourselves. The only thing I ask is that you have given enough effort in bettering yourself to warrant a well-deserved rest.

Hard work pays off. Don’t quit. Get better every day by doing something that betters your life in a positive way. Workout to some capacity every day. An effort is an investment.  Have a positive mindset on life, and you can do anything. Be better than you were yesterday.