“I can’t do this.” This defeatist phrase is unfortunately one I often hear from clients. A story I like to share that exemplifies a breakthrough of this very notion is when a client of mine struggled with her workout during a training session and uttered the phrase, “I can’t do this.” I immediately told her, “yes you can” and she finally completed the exercise successfully. Sometimes all it takes is a simple reminder that it is possible. Self-doubt stems from fear and lack of confidence.

One of the most important aspects of fitness is motivation. Motivation can come from either internal or external forces. In order to change a defeatist mindset when getting into your workout, find drivers that push you positively to accomplish your goals. You may do this by prepping your mind to accept the new fitness challenges to come that day.

Not every workout or hurtle will be easy, some you will find more challenging than others. Having variation in difficulty is essential for well-rounded, progressive results. The approach you take prior to the tasks of your day, during the day, and at the end of the day are dependant upon your mindset (I.e., if you begin your routine with a negative and defeatist attitude, then your result may not be one of success and accomplishment). The best way to gauge progress is through self-reflection. A little exercise I like to practice at the end of my Yoga class is taking a mental beat and give thought to a challenge that was faced, an accomplishment that was made, or simply thanking for your body for working today. Integrating reflection into your daily habits will improve your self-esteem as you are able to review the things you did accomplish and help you prepare for tomorrow.