Talia’s Top Fitness Picks

My Absolute Favorite Workout Shoes

Item Name: ASICS Gel Nimbus 

Where to Find: online/ASICS store

Price: $150

Here’s why: In my earlier years of fitness, I would strictly wear Nike’s. I wore Nike’s for YEARS and had dozens of pairs until I started watching The Biggest Loser and paying closer attention to the details like equipment and brands the trainers of the show were using. It was while I watched The Biggest Loser that I noticed the shoes the trainers had the contestants wearing and made the connection that Nike was not it. I decided I would give those shoes a try since the contestants were doing rigorous workouts while the shoes lasted after weeks and weeks of intense training. I tried on a pair of ASICS Gel Nimbus and that was it. I decided that I would never wear another shoe after I started wearing this one. I have since worn nothing but ASICS  for the past six years and have not a single complaint. These shoes are an all around great cross-training shoe. They also have extra cushion to protect your joints and shins when landing on unforgiving surfaces. Your next workout shoe investment needs to be these. 


My Go-To Workout Bra (for MAXIMUM support)

Item Name: Victoria’s Secret Knockout Bra

Where to Find: Victoria’s Secret/online

Price: $49.50

Here’s Why: As a dancer and now a fitness professional, I used to wear two bras to support my rather large chest. I would wear a regular bra with a Nike sports bra over it to offer maximum support and coverage. Then, Victoria’s Secret finally invented the perfect bra for women like me, the Knockout bra. The Knockout bra is pretty much the same concept of two bras combined in one. This VS Knockout bra is easy to put on,unlike many others. It is also comfortable and keeps your chest in check. I have been using this bra since the inception of it. I recommend the bra to all my clients and I’m happy that Victoria’s Secret has decided to continue making such a supportive bra for larger-chested athletes like myself. 


The Best Pants (and they’re NOT see-through!!)

Item Name: Victoria’s Secret Knockout Tight

Where to Find: Victoria’s Secret Store/VS online

Price: $74.50

Here’s Why: I have worn workout tights/pants since my childhood dance days. I have worn and experimented with nearly every brand on the market. I have been rather disappointed with the quality, cut, and fit of most of the brands I have tried. Even the popular Lululemon leggings were sheer when I bent over and did not hold me in when doing high-intensity workouts. However, I did find luck with the Victoria’s Secret Knockout Tights. The tights are high-rise, sitting above the belly button to cover your midsection. They are also constructed well so when you bend over your butt crack won’t show. These tights are form-fitting and they offer support in the waist, hip, and leg area. I workout in these tights daily and wear them while going hiking. They are comfortable while supportive and do not roll at the waist band despite being high-rise. Additionally, they come in multiple sizes and even lengths which I find most favorable as some days I want a longer fit and some days I like a capri. Surprisingly VS has been my go-to for workout pants for years now and I can’t find any I like more.