Hi. I’m Brandi!  I’m overjoyed to be a part of the TWT family. I’ve always lived an active lifestyle from my early tomboy-in-a-dress days, through cheerleading and dance teams in high school and college.  I never refused a physical challenge. 

As a young adult, I still tried to maintain some amount of physical activity and fitness by way of weight and resistance training, skating, kickboxing and picking up random studio and community center dance classes of various genres.  However, the demands of an engineering career would often cause me to skip workouts and classes in favor of late nights in a lab to meet project deadlines.  After working for a few companies, I was ultimately laid-off.  I can honestly say I wasn’t mad about it.  I decided the next career I would seek would bring happiness over high salary and prestige. High on my dream list was a career that would not expect me to neglect fitness and self-care to meet company goals. 


Early into my relocation and jobless state, I started community center Zumba classes with my mother.  It was everything I needed at that time!  I didn’t realize that I had become depressed and even picked up substantial weight.  Allowing myself those hours to care for me and socialize while doing something I’ve always loved, dance, was emotionally and mentally rewarding. I was introduced to and fell in love with the various Latin music genres and dance styles. I took up Salsa and Bachata dancing socially, joined a performance team, and weight began falling off!

I was noticed in classes by other members and instructors as I absolutely loved it. All encouraged me to pursue my Zumba instructor license. Now I have momentum and a list of other licenses I’d like to pursue.  I’m anxious to pursue the hobbies I used to love. My philosophy for overcoming inactivity is to find those hobbies that bring some joy and you’ll forget you’re working. Dancing, skating, playing outside when your kids’ play are those hobbies. Think of the activities we used to do as children that we didn’t even know were a workout like jumping rope, swinging from monkey bars, hula hooping,…and chasing the balls that rolled out of bounds. That’s what Zumba feels like to me. Have fun and the results will come!  

Having a place like Train With Talia that is a close-knit group of individuals with accountability and support is priceless. Nice to meet members and instructors. I’m happy to be part of a team working on a fitness journey. 


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Ontario, California




3 years


Salsa and Bachata


Grew up overseas in a military family